Zero Flash


The ZERO FLASH Closed Loop System modulates high temperature condensate directly to the boiler bypassing the conventional boiler feed system. Industrial Steam first introduced the Zero Flash over 40 years ago.We continue to create innovative methods of saving energy in rendering plants through the conservation of condensate and the recovery of lost flash steam. Our equipment is built with rugged, heavy duty materials and is designed to withstand the harsh environment directly adjacent to a cooker or evaporator.

If you are currently sending your condensate to a vented tank or a pressurized deaerator call Industrial Steam for an analysis to see if this equipment is right for your plant. It could save 10% of your fuel bill and increase the throughput of existing equipment.


  • PACKAGED SYSTEM reduces installation costs, requires only services connections and one source of three-phase power to make system fully operational. Standard electronic level control and variable frequency drives insure reliable modulated level control.
  • MODULATED CONDENSATE FLOW to boiler automatically adjusts to variable condensing rates.
  • LOW NPSH PUMP is self-priming with rugged construction features. Air-cooler chamber separates and insulates the shaft seal chamber from the high liquid temperatures. TEFC motors and NEMA 4 panels are standard. Various pump options are available upon request.


  • SAVES FUEL up to 30% by returning condensate directly to the boiler without flash loss.
  • INCREASES PRODUCTION by eliminating the traps for unrestricted flow from process.
  • IMPROVES HEAT TRANSFER by continuously purging non-condensable gases from process.
    • Faster start-up
    • Reduced maintenance
    • Instant drainage
    • Better process control
    • Maximum production
  • PAYS BACK INVESTMENT, often within one year.


The ZERO FLASH Closed Loop System modulates high temperature condensate directly to the boiler bypassing the conventional boiler feed system.

This eliminates the costly steam plume which so visibly indicates a loss of fuel dollars.

Condensate flows unrestricted to the vapor seal and is lifted by differential pressure to the pump surge chamber. The level control modulates the pump discharge to the boiler in direct relation to the condensing rate of the process.

The ZERO FLASH System also continuously removes steam and noncondensible gases from the process equipment. These gases flow through the pump surge chamber which further enhances condensate flow. The steam is used in the feed water system to preheat new makeup.

Removal of non-condensible gases not only increases the effective heating surface, but also raises the average steam temperature of the process; the combined effect being substantially improved production.

The combination of trapless operation for unrestricted condensate flow, continuous non-condensible gas purge and flashless operation make the ZERO FLASH System a uniquely viable investment.