SR3 Atmospheric Deaerating Feedwater Heaters

Atlantis A3 is_SR.03

Direct replacements for all Schaub Engineering designs



  • 99% OXYGEN REMOVAL prevents boiler system corrosion and costly retubing
  • UNRESTRICTED VENTING assures quick release of liberated gasses and NO BACK PRESSURE for gravity returns
  • ATMOSPHERIC DESIGN requires no safety valves or annual inspection
  • ELECTRONIC INSTRUMENTATION for modulating level control includes a HART compatible differential pressure transmitter, PID controller, and motorized control valve
  • ULTRA SENSITIVE steam regulator provides uniform reliable heating at all loads
  • NO PRESSURE DECAY reduces the chance for pump cavitation
  • STAINLESS STEEL construction of all internal heating surfaces
  • DURATHERM LINING is field renewable and increases the overall system lifespan
  • CUSTOM ENGINEERED PACKAGED SYSTEM with low net positive suction head (NPSH) pumps and high quality components insures reliable service and single source responsibility
  • HIGH TEMPERATURE returns are used for heating
  • LOW PRESSURE returns can flow by gravity back to the deaerator  or can be pumped through the makeup nozzle

Additional Options

  • Pump discharge piping
  • Pump staging
  • Combination motor starters

SR3 .03 cc/l Atmospheric Deaerating Feedwater Heaters – Capacity

SRO3_chartNotes: System Includes 48” stand *Includes 12” for panel     **Inlet “K” includes makeup and returns ***Not including boiler feed pumps & panelAll dimensions in inches




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