Used Johnston Model PFTX-600HP 4G 150S Boiler

Used Johnston Model PFTX-600HP 4G 150S Boiler

Reconditioned/Used Steam Boiler for Sale or Rent

Brand: Johnston

Used Model PFTX-600HP 4G 150S Boiler
• Industrial Combustion Burner Model DG 252P

BEC’s inventory of reconditioned/used industrial boilers are in as good as new condition, All boilers are top name brands like Johnston, Superior, L.E.S. Boilers and more, All BEC’S industrial boilers are refurbished from the boiler’s stack to its base frame.

BEC reconditions each boiler to “install ready”. That includes reconditioning of every component on the boiler. Every boiler tested, and test fired to be sure that it is working just like an original new boiler. BEC’s certified boiler team goes through a detailed process on each and every used boiler.


  • Burner motor and impeller balancing
  • Fireside & waterside cleaning
  • Boiler tube repair & replacement
  • Replacement of level controls, steam pressure & hot water temperature controls
  • ASME certified hydrostatic pressure test to 150% of design pressure
  • Boiler refractory repair & replacement
  • Insulation & sheet metal jacketing replacement
  • Automotive quality heat resistant boiler paint
  • Test firing

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