Schaub Replacements

Schaub Replacements


Spray Flow II: Primary application is in hospitals where a shut down for inspection is not possible and reliable performance is a necessity. Systems with high percentages of gravity returns. Provides guaranteed performance during all load conditions for systems with greater than 40% condensate return.

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SR3 Atmospheric Deaerating Feedwater Heaters:
99% OXYGEN REMOVAL prevents boiler system corrosion and costly retubing

Schaub Systems… from the world’s leading designer and builder of
boiler feed systems, deaerators and condensate handling equipment

– The most complete line of systems that meet virtually every industrial commercial and institutional power plant requirement

– Mechanically simple design, featuring exclusive high-performance components

– Systems are available for job site erection or completely factory prefabricated

– Schaub systems provide unmatched performance and distinctively offer single source responsibility

Schuab Systems condensed catalog
The Schaub Umbrella… Symbol Of Protection

Schaub systems don’t really come factory equipped with little black umbrellas. But only Schaub
provides “umbrella” protection against the evils of incomplete system design. The protection of
“total” engineering comes with every Schaub system. You don’t see the umbrella, but it’s there!
And that’s important.

Schaub is your single source for engineered, matched-performance boiler feed, deaerator and
condensate handling systems. All system components are “phased” out to work together as
integrated and balanced whole. Schaub “umbrella” engineering offers continuing efficient
operation and service responsibility year in, year out.

Schaub engineers have one prime responsibility: To design and produce “best-of-breed” boiler
room equipment for industrial, commercial, and institutional applications. This complete
dedication is reflected in every Schaub system, featuring such exclusive components as
UltraDyne boiler feed pumps, Magnetrol liquid level controls (Magnetrol Inc. is a wholly-owned
Schaub subsidiary), Chromasoid receiver lining, Shadow-Box power and control panels, and
many other product innovations.

Full Range Of Systems

Schaub Engineering Co. designs and manufactures the most complete range of boiler feed
systems, deaerators and condensate handling equipment in a very wide range of sizes, types, and

Any system is available “knocked-down” (for job site erection) or “packaged.” Both types use
the same engineered quality components to provide optimum performance to your specifications.
The packaged stems are factory assembled and completely piped, wired, and tested… ready to
install. They reduce your engineering time, and simplify specification, purchasing, and
installation… and that offers substantial savings to everyone.

This “condensed” catalog gives you a brief description of each basic system. It is designed to
give you a quick introduction to our product line and make it easy to find the one system that
best suits your specific need . For complete technical details and specifications, ask for the
comprehensive bulletin mentioned at the conclusion of each system description.

Schaub’s overall experience background is an important “extra” you get with every
system. It all adds up to capability…the power of performing Schaub has it!

The High Cost Of Paying Too Little

John Ruskin had a thought on costs and quality which is as appropriate to our industry now as it
was in the 1800’s. He wrote:

It’s unwise to pay too much, but it’s worse to pay too little.

When you pay too much, you lose a little money— that is all. When you pay too little, you
sometimes lose everything.. because the thing you bout was incapable of doing the thing it
was bought to do. The common law of business balance prohibits paying a little and getting
a lot— it can’t be done.

If you deal with the lowest bidder, it is well to add something for the risk you run, and if
you do that you will have enough to pay for someone thing better.

Lower costs are possible on every project in which we engage, but Schaub’s primary obligation
is to provide an end product that will do everything it was bought to do.

Standard Boiler Feed Systems

Schaub Standard Boiler Feed Systems provide all the benefits of a fully automatic boiler feeding
system in the simplest possible mechanical form. Soundly engineered in accordance with proven
principles, they offer good operating economy and the unique advantages of Schaub’s exclusive
primary components.

A Standard Schaub System Provides Three Prime Automatic Services

1. Recovers all condensate
With a Schaub Standard Boiler Feed System, all condensate can be completely recovered.
Condensate discharges into a vented receiving tank. Continuous venting eliminates back pressure
and minimizes air block in return lines. This results in better heating, irrespective of the steam
pressure used.
2. Adds Make-Up Water as needed

Make-up water is automatically added to the receiver to exactly offset the loss of live steam or
non-recoverable condensate. This make-up water is blended with the hot return condensate that
has been diffused within the receiver tank through a perforated nonferrous submerged heater.

3. Maintains Constant Boiler Water Level

The Magnetrol boiler water level control starts the feed pump as soon as boiler water level drops
7/8”, and hot condensate, plus any make-up water that has been added, is pumped from the
receiver into the boiler.

The variation of boiler water level, then, governs pump operation
in a Schaub System, and by preventing this water level from
fluctuating more than 7/8”, the Schaub System makes possible a
constant, maximum volume steam space in the boiler. This improves
the quality of the steam generated and provides most effective use of
each fuel dollar.

The time-proven Magnetrol not only maintains the boiler water level automatically, but does it
with unequaled precision and reliability. It also provides foolproof protection against low water
hazards with a separate switch for cut-off and/or alarm.


Standard Boiler Feed Systems are best suited to those heating or processing plants where
recoverable condensate, when blended with raw make-up water, produces “natural” feed water
temperatures of 200 -212 F.
Carefully engineered top quality construction standards—these Systems have run up a
notable record for long, trouble-free operation and high efficiency. For the owner, this is the
reliable assurance of extra value— at a price only nominally higher than other, less able
“standard” systems.

Typical Schaub prefabricated standard boiler feed system with duplex pumps and shadow-box power and control panel

Schaub Pree-Heet® Systems

The Schaub Pree-Heet System is basically a Schaub Standard Boiler Feed System to which an
automatic steam-heater assembly has been added to maintain a minimum feed-water temperate
of 205 to 208 within the receiver.


The Schaub Pree-Heet System has achieved a remarkable record for increasing boiler efficiency
and reducing corrosion costs in processing and heating plants or buildings where few or no high
pressure returns are recoverable, and “natural” feedwater temperature is below 200 F. This
system will do 90% of the job of a full-fledged deaerator at a lower cost. Available for loads up
to 60,000 lbs/hr and working pressures as low as 6 psig or as high as 250 psig. (For larger and
higher working pressure systems, a Schaub .03 or .005 cc/liter Deaerator is recommended.)

Schaub Heat Reclaim Systems

The patented Schaub Heat Reclaim system is self-liquidating investment that can substantially
reduce fuel costs in any plant in which a large percentage of the total boiler load is high- high
temperature returns. It is the only open type boiler feed system that recovers “flash heat” from
such returns and transfers it to the feed water on the way to the boiler. It basically consists of a
patented application of a feed-water heat exchanger with a Standard Feed System. Final feedwater
temperatures up to 350 F.


For plants having a large percentage of high temperature returns (over 212 F) a Schaub Heat
Reclaim System actually puts “waste” heat; already paid for, back into the “fuel supply”. Typical
applications are: laundries, dry cleaners, food processors, tire recappers, corrugated box
manufacturers, plastic molders…to name just a few.

The Schaub .03 Deaerating

The Schaub .03 Deaerating boiler feed system offers for small, medium size, and large (up to
120,000 lbs/hr) boiler plants effective deaeration in its simplest, most economical form at a cost
only slightly greater than a standard, non-deaerating feed system.
h6 class=”widget-title”>A Schaub .03 Deaerator Pays For Itself In Savings, Four Ways:

1. By preventing boiler system corrosion, a Schaub .03 Deaerator helps avoid costly boiler
retuning and plant shutdowns. It helps to make steam traps, return lines, and heating and
processing equipment last longer.

2. It improves performance of steam-heated process machines by removing from water all gases
(“air”) that act as a heat insulator and reduce machine efficiency.

3. It reduces fuel costs by salvaging waste heat from “flash” and using it to raise feed water

4. The amount of make-up water needed and the cost of treating it is reduced. Boiler blowdown
rate is also proportionately reduced.

How Schaub Engineers Designed A New And Better Kind of Deaerator

In developing the Schaub .03 Deaerator, Schaub engineers had a two-fold aim: (1) simplified,
modern design that would be reflected in lower purchase cost, and (2) a better method of
achieving effective deaeration, with oxygen removal to a maximum of .03 cc/liter.

The Schaub .03 Deaerator operates fully vented at atmospheric pressure construction is
required and no yearly pressure-vessel insurance premiums to pay either! Unrestricted venting is
much more than an economy measure, however. It is fundamentally to sound deaerating
principle, because unlike pressurized restricted-vent designs, it allows liberated gases to escape
immediately and completely. At the same time, a very simple but efficient spray-contact vent
condensing technique, utilizing multiple Schaub spring-loaded spray nozzles, eliminates wasteful
excess steam vapor loss.

No vent orifice adjustment is ever required to accommodate load change. In fact, no
adjustment beyond initial setting of temperature regulator is ever required. In short, the Schaub .
03 Deaerator is simple. As a result of these and other features, the Schaub .03 Deaerator
represent a major advance in deaeration design at an economy price.

Three Schaub .03 Deaerator Systems… One for Every Need

Schaub offers three basic system “types” in the .03 Deaerator line, all operating at atmospheric
pressure with unrestricted venting for complete release of corrosive gases. These include the
single-tank system, the two-tank system (separate receivers for deaerator and surge storage), and
the Duo-Pak system which combines deaerator and surge functions in a single
compartmentalized receiver.

The “Packaged” System

Schaub .03 Deaerator systems from 1,000 to 120,000 lbs/hr are available either on a “knockeddown”
basis (components supplied for field erection) or completely prefabricated.
The “packaged” system concept is mow an accepted standard because of many obvious
advantages which include…reduced space and installation errors, assurance of compliance with
system specifications and requirements, and most important…single source factory

Schaub prefabricated .03 Deaerator System with UltraDyne pumps and Shadow-Box power-control panel.

Schaub Zero-Oxygen Deaerator System

When you specificy or buy a Zero-Oxygen deaerator you need and expect to get just that…a
deaerator that will positively assure you of oxygen removal to not more than .005 cc/liter of
residual oxygen in the effluent.

You should be able to expect this without wasting steam or having to rely on the addition
of sodium sulfite (or some other oxygen scavenger) to do the job that the deaerator is supposed
to do unassisted.

Schaub Solved The Problem With A Completely New Design

There were two important approaches to Schaub’s new and different design. the first was obvious
—the vent. Any restricted vent prevented the deaerator from ever operating at full boiling point
—and made the problem even worse under varying input water loads. The only solution lay in a
design that could use a “free vent”.

Starting with this as basic, the second need was to develop a successful method for
heating water to be deaerated externally instead of internally, with pressure held within the
external heater assembly only. The rest of the deaerator system could then operate at atmospheric
pressure with an unrestricted vent.

While the water was kept below the boiling point corresponding to the heater assembly
pressure (typically 220-225 with pressure of 5-10 psig) it is “super-heated” water with respect to
the atmospheric pressure boiling point (212) in the deaerator itself. Released through spring
loaded nozzles, the resultant explosive flash down (like pulling a try-cock below the water level
own a boiler water column) met two basic Zero-Oxygen deaeration prerequisites at the same

1. “Full boiling point”— with the input water actually flashing down to the (atmospheric) boiling

2. Explosive “shakeout” to completely separate air and water molecules.

The third requirement of effective venting was met automatically with the unrestricted
“free” vent from the deaerator and thru the vent condenser. Full thermal recovery is easily
achieved under all load conditions.

Three Schaub .005 Deaerator Systems… One For Every Need

Schaub offers three basic system “types” in the .005 Zero-Oxygen Deaerator line, all operating at
atmospheric pressure with unrestricted venting for complete release of corrosive gases. These
include the single-tank system, the two-tank system (separate receivers for deaerator and surge
storage), and the Duo-Pak system which combines deaerator and surge functions into a single
compartmentalized receiver.
The “Complete” System…
The use of Schaub 2-ft NPSH UltraDyne boiler feed pumps significantly reduces installation
costs and gives the operator convenient “eye-level” maintenance.

In addition to UltraDyne boiler feed pumps, a typical Schaub prefab would include
Chromasoid-lined system receiver, of-on or continuous feed water controls and valves, transfer
pumps, all interconnection valves and piping, and a power and control panel integrating the
entire electrical system. All this mounted on a rugged structural steel stand. The total system is
completely tested for tight connections, liquid level operating bands, and proper electrical
circuity prior to shipment. The result is a balanced, carefully integrated complete system
produced by a single manufacturer, providing total undivided operational reasonability.

When you specify or pay for Zero-Oxygen deaeration you should get just that—no
exceptions! You will get that with a modern design Schaub deaerator.

Schaub prefabricated .005 Duo-Pak Deaerator System with UltraDyne pumps, Shadow-Box power-control and gauge panel.

Other Schaub Systems
Condensate Return Systems

Prefabricated or “knocked-down” units for commercial and industrial applications to 212 F
feature Ultra-Dyne boiler feed pumps, Chromasoid lined receivers and Magnetrol liquid level

Boiler Blowdown Systems

Schaub packaged continuous blowdown and sampling systems are available to handle up to four
boilers for 250 pounds or 600 pounds maximum working pressure, with capacities to 24,000 lbs/
hr total blowdown.

Quick-Temp Systems

A combination heating and condensate drainage system designed to increase production from
any type of steam-heated process equipment. Quick-Temp provides continuous steam circulation
and positive air removal, while eliminating all steam traps and their related maintenance
expense. Typical Quick-Temp applications include corrugating machines, laundries, and food
processing plants.

Econopak Boiler Feed Systems

Here is a completely packaged, economical boiler feed system that can handle boiler loads from
30 to 600 HP at pressures from 20-200 pounds… and can serve up to three boilers.

Iso-Therm Systems

The Iso-Therm Hot Water Heating System is an “open” type system, capable of delivering peak
hot water requirements at a full and constant temperature, without demanding steam beyond
average heating rate. Packaged or “knocked-down” systems available in both horizontal (shown
below) and vertical types.

Dynadrain Drainage Systems

DynaDrain is a completely integrated fully compatible system designed to drain hot condensate
from Steam Absorption Air Condition Machines (new or existing) and to pump it using
modulating (or off-on) control directly to the steam producing boiler without vapor binding, flash
steam loss or the need for an external cooling medium.

Pneumatic Control Systems

Schaub’s unique “total system responsibility” umbrella extends to boiler water level regulation,
too. The system includes a Magnetrol Modu-level pneumatic level controller in a water column
style body operating a positive shut-off diaphragm type control valve for continuous modulation
of feed water.

Major Components
Ultradyne Boiler Feed Pumps…Unequaled Performance Backed By An Unparalleled

A breakthrough in a boiler feed technology was achieved by Schaub with the design,
development, and introduction of the multi-stage centrifugal UltraDyne boiler feed pump. It is
the first pump to combine and improve the best characteristics of conventional centrifugal and
turbine pumps…without the disadvantages of either.

Only 2-foot NPSH At All Heads

All UltraDyne pumps operate at a phenomenal 2-foot maximum NPSH (net positive suction
head) at any point on the discharge head curve. Simply stated, with only two feet of net
submergence and water at full boiling point, this pump will never vapor bind or capitate
irrespective or startup, operating or shut-down pressure conditions.

UltraDyne this provides an important “system” advantage: economical, low-set receiver
placement permits easier installation and eye-level maintenance. No balconies, extra high stands,
or catwalks are necessary.

Guaranteed High Performance

UltraDyne is guaranteed for 5 years against mechanical failure and to maintain at least 85% of its
original capacity when use in a new or existing Schaub system. The inherent long-term
performance stability of the UltraDyne eliminates the need for oversize pump selections to
compensate for the usual “wear-in” capacity drop of turbine pumps. These factors, coupled with
the high mechanical efficiency of UltraDyne, mean that motor horsepower requirements are
often one half the normal requirements for conventional pumps. UltraDyne electrical
consumption savings are big and accumulate, year in and year out. In addition to the
performance guarantee, UltraDyne “special service factor” motors are guaranteed for 5 full years
against burn-out from any cause.

Shadow-Box Electrical Power And Control Panels

Shadow-box, an advanced design for electoral power, control and gauge panels, was designed by
Schaub specifically for boiler plant systems.

Schaub Shadow-Box panels, Class “AA” and “A”, are completely integrated control
centers. Multiple starters, fused disconnects, transfer switches, relays, transformers, indicating
signals, alarm points, and terminal boards are standard This design obsoletes the conventional
practice of placing a multitude of components, each in its individual enclosure, all strung out
with a maze of interconnecting BX or conduit. The integrated panel provides space-saving and
lower total installed cost that on-site “board” hook-up.

All internal wiring is factory assembled and tested, eliminating the possibility of wiring
error in the field. The only field connection required is the primary power hook-up which is
made at one point in the panel. A durable, baked-on two-tone enamel finish completes the panel.

Corrosion-Proof Chromasoid Lining In the Receiver

A rust-resistant phenolic lining so durable that a 10-year warranty against tank corrosion failure
is given on the entire receiver. Chromasoid prevents eventual rust clogging, expensive shutdowns,
and replacement costs.

Chromasoid is a revolutionary lining material formulated of thermo-setting resin applied in
multiple layers and baked to a porcelain-like finish. It is impervious to thermal shock.