Controls Upgrade

Controls Upgrade


Level Control (boilers and deaerators): This RWF40 Modulating Feedwater Control Valve Application Guide is intended for use by OEMs that integrate the RWF40 controller into their products.

Pump Controls

Pump Controls: Many pumping systems are inefficient and are in great need of upgrading. Sometimes that means replacing the pumps and the controls, and other times only the controls need to be upgraded. Pump sequencing and modulating with variable frequency drives is a great means to achieve these savings. This solutions may be tied in a level control solution or stand alone


Programmable Logic Controller (PLC): PLC controls can be added to any complete deaerator system to have centralized control of all analog (level pressure) and discrete (alarm points) control points in your system. PLC can be used to stage pumps on and off, modulating variable frequency drives, control level and pressure, all from a easy to use touchscreen interface.