Tank Selector Valves

Tank Selector Valves


Tank Selector Valves are used to “parallel” or duplex two pieces of pipeline equipment in continuous flow without shut off of either one. Examples include duplexing of two filters or tanks. These rugged units are time tested for many years in a wide variety of fluid applications.


Transfer valves with threaded NPT, SAE-J1926, or ANSI-B16.11 socket weld ports are available in 3/4 through 3 inch sizes in various pressure ratings. They provide a simple,cost effective way to duplex flow equipment for applications where continuous flow must be maintained, with no flow interruption for down-side servicing.

Model 72 series transfer valves provide a consistent design for many sizes and pressure ratings with “same-side” orientation of the single inlet and outlet ports. Other models with “straight-through” inlet and outlet ports on opposite sides are also available. These transfer valves are furnished in both standard and high pressure models. Flanged models are also available. Internal channels are 100% full-flow, having the same cross-sectional area as the equivalent pipe size.

Materials of construction include cast iron, carbon steel or stainless steel bodies and covers. Valve plugs are of cast iron, bronze or stainless steel. Special valve plugs can be furnished in other materials.

The valve handle guard indicates the side in use. The standard valve handle swings overt he inlet port. Special reverse valve handles that swing over the opposite side can also be furnished. The adjustable locking flange holds the valve plug on its seat on standard models. An optional lifting jack can also be provided to lift the tapered valve plug off its seat for ease in valve turning in rough service. There are no internal linkages involved. A separate external gland is provided to allow easy access to stem packing without completed is assembly, even while in service. A drain plug is provided in the valve chamber.

Adjustable, Tapered Valve Plug

The tapered valve plug design provides inherent compensation for wear, temperature changes and other operating variations. Metal to metal contact of sealing surfaces prolong the life of the valve, even in rough service. No special seals or seats are necessary to restore valves to their original condition. Optional surface treatments can be furnished on valve plugs to extend life and improve sealing characteristics.

Tank Selectors
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