Relief Valves

Relief Valves
Relief Valves are designed to relieve pressure at a set pressure. In typical fuel oil applications they are used at the outlet of positive displacement pumps. In case a valve is closed downstream from the pump the relief valve will open and allow the fuel to be circulated back to the tank the pump is pumping from. In some applications where fuel may come from a number of tanks an internal relief valve is used on the pump head. But this should only be used in those cases as the fuel will circulate in the internal relief valve and overheat over time and possible damage the pump.

The relief valves are to be used in an emergency application only and are not designed to regulate a set pressure. These valves are all bronze with pressure tight caps that are suitable for back pressures of 50 psig. This is important on applications where the oil maybe trapped in the outlet line above the valve. This will protect from oil leaking out the adjustment head of the valve.

Both inlet and outlet connections are integral with the body to permit easy inspection and servicing withoutdisconnecting piping. Beveled seats are lapped for optimum performance with stainless steel spring for corrosion resistance.

The set pressure can be set between 1 and 300 psi. Temperature range is -60 to 406, but valve should be protectedfrom freezing in case water was to collect in the valve over time.


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