Fuel Oil Filtration Systems

As larger amounts of fuel is being stored for even longer periods of time the need for filtration is even greater. Fuel Oil over time will degrade in two areas. First microbes will grow in the oil which will affect the reliability of the generator itself. Second the quality of the fuel will degrade over time which could also affect the performance of the overall generator system. To maintain your fuel in top condition a filtration system is used.

Filtration systems are used to remove water, microbial growth, and suspended solids. With the addition of an optional chemical additive system anti-microbe chemical or cetane boosters can be injected into the oil after it has passed the filtration elements. Optional waste oil storage tanks can be added to the system to collect this hazardous waste.


• Pump sized to filter your tank(s) in an 8 hour shift
• Remotely mounted or next to the tank(s) being filtered
• Chemical injection pumps to enhance fuel as it is cleaned
• Completely automatic operation
• Leak and low chemical level indication


• Wide range of flow rates with larger customer sizes available
• Nearly 100% water removal
• Final filter down to 2 micro
• Automatic cycling based on time of day and selection of day of the week
Up to 12 scheduled filtration time and dates can be stored
Up to a 99 hour run time can be selected
• Alarms and safety shutdowns are built in


Both of these are detrimental to your emergency generator.
• Used anywhere that large amounts of fuel is stored which may remain in storage for more than a year
• Oil stored over time will lose its Cetane rating and degrade due to microbial growth

Standard Equipment

• PLC Based Control with Touch screen operator interface
• Pump “Hand-Off-Auto” switch
• Control power “On-Off” switch with power on light
• Leak Detection Switch in the basin area
• Pump and Motor Assembly
• Simplex Strainer
• Primary Filter
• Coalescing Stage for water removal
• Final Filter (polisher)
• Differential Pressure Switches and Gauges around filter elements
• Fully Enclosed cabinet

Optional Equipment

• Chemical additive pump and storage tank
• Waste Oil Storage Tank
• Skid Mounted Design
• Dual Power Feed


• Power: Normally 120VAC, single phase, but others are available. Dual power feeds are available.
• Pump: Positive Display pump with internal relief valve.
• Motor: TEFC – base mounted
• Strainer: Simplex, cast iron with 100 mesh basket
• Housing: NEMA 4 is standard but skid mounted systems are available